Hey, it's me, Zsolt

I'm a designer founder, product manager, researcher, coder, traveler, writer and dog-owner. Yep, I can wear many hats. I'm glad you reached my site.

Current status: Building PingPong

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Some stuff I produced

I'm working on products that are interesting for me and I can dedicate my full attention. Here are some of them:

  • PingPong primary focus

    We're building a UX research platform that simplifies user research. You can find real people from anywhere in the world for remote user interviews and user tests.

    → Visit PingPong
  • Writing: A detailed guide for remote UX research sideproject

    Many people find difficult running remote moderated user research. For me, this is the default go-to method when it comes to user interviews. I'm writing a comprehensive guide to teach you how to conduct remote moderated user research.

    Interested? Sign up here.
  • UXDesignerSalaries.com

    I conducted a research amongst UX professionals to understand how much we earn globally. I crowdsourced the data and received more than 1800 responses.

    Read my article on TheNextWeb: How much do UX designers earn around the world?
    → Visit UXDesignerSalaries.com
  • Lean Validation Playbook

    I co-authored an e-book about how to validate your startup in the leanest way possible.

    → Visit Lean Validation Playbook
  • teapp.io

    We built a Meteor app which allows you to plan your week and work towards your bigger goal. Project shutdown.


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